IDF Closet UPS Service Program

December 28, 2018 Uncategorized 39 Comments

Introducing Our IDF Closet UPS Service Program

For 33 years CPT has provided onsite service & maintenance of IDF closet UPS systems. These systems are commonly forgotten or neglected; however, their importance is not any less than standard server room and MDF applications. CPT’s IDF Closet UPS Program includes:

Semi-annual inspections of IDF closet UPS

In-stock UPS for immediate emergency replacement

24/7 Telephone Support

2 – 4 hour onsite emergency service response.

Battery replacement service

Feel free to contact CPT to provide a competitive bid for these critical services. Low cost and high quality service is our 33 year reputation!!

For San Diego County click here for more information.

For Orange County & Inland Empire click here for more information.

For Los Angeles County click here for more information.

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