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Single Phase UPS Systems – Rack Mount,
Rack Tower & Telecom Units

Since 1986, we have continued to develop highly ingrained relationships with the major manufacturers of single phase UPS systems. These relationships ensure we are able to offer you competitive pricing on all of the single phase products, battery packs and other accessories we carry. Our capabilities and industry expertise allow us to accommodate you with sales, installation and service of these units.

500VA to 20kVA Single Phase UPS Systems, for MDF, IDF, Telecom, VoIP Phone Systems and more.

At CPT, we specialize in single phase UPS system applications. Whatever your need and application may be, we can help you design, install and configure these systems to integrate into your network infrastructure. With robust preventative maintenance plans, including extended warranty and stock options, we are your trusted backup power solutions partner.

Mitsubishi Electric offers reliable single phase UPS solutions 6kVA-12kVA.

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