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Turnkey Backup Power Services & Solutions

Boasting over 25 years in the business, we are truly experts in the critical power industry. As your trusted partner, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service regardless of the size of your project. Our robust team of field engineers and field technicians come with years of experience and are prepared to handle any challenge. Our extensive network of preferred partners and subcontractors enables us to offer extremely competitive prices and deliver innovative and sustainable quality project.

Site Surveys

A preliminary site survey is essential in assessing your current system or the projected requirements of your new system and the relative components. It’s the first step in allowing us to fully understand how your specific needs to help us develop unique specifications, equipment recommendations as well as provide budgetary numbers for project forecasting.

Project Management

At CPT, we understand there are no two projects or businesses the same. With any project, there is always a vast array of moving parts that can be easily overlooked or unaccounted. We make the project management as easy and seamless as possible with a team of seasoned veterans in addition to an extensive network of industry professionals throughout Southern California.

UPS System Design

From facility layouts, blue prints and planning specifications to power requirements, power sources, available amperages, environmental factors among many other moving parts, our veteran staff is capable of designing, planning and delivering a project proposal regardless of the size, budget, complexity and demands. In addition, our extensive network of engineer and contractor affiliates ensure we provide you with the most sensible solutions.

Equipment Procurement & Delivery

As part of our turnkey engineered solutions, we are able to specify the power protection system that makes the most sense for your specific application, and we do this from a brand agnostic perspective. While we have our preferred manufacturers, we have your best interest in mind. We will specify, order and deliver all of the power protection equipment necessary to complete your project.

Electrical Installation

Whether you need a simple rack-mount UPS or are in need of a larger multi-module system, we have the expertise, man-power and tool sets to get your job done on-time, in spec and on budget. Our installation services include equipment placement, electrical installation, start-up, testing, permitting and more.

Power Protection Equipment Disaster Prevention

Power protection equipment is often labeled as critical power for a reason. As these systems are the back-bone to the most critical elements of your day-to-day operations, down-time can be a financial disaster. At CPT, we are able to design and implement power protection disaster prevention guidelines per your specific needs. Whether this is network communication devices, battery monitoring, A / B configurations or additional levels of redundant power equipment such as diesel generators, we have you covered.

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