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Computer Protection Technology, Inc. (CPT) was formed in 1986 from a wide frustration of many Southern California users by the lack of Power Protection manufacture’s service capabilities. This frustration was from a failure to provide personal, honest and reliable Power Protection service. Since that time, CPT’s customer loyalty has allowed us to grow at a steady, manageable rate over the years. CPT is now viewed as the dominant Critical Power Service Organization in the Region.

CPT is based in Southern California with field service offices located throughout Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and surrounding counties. Our corporate facility is equipped with new training facilities and labs that provide for 1-phase and 3-phase electrical development and training, as well as full equipment testing and repair.

CPT A Service Branch of

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

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Service Approach

CPT sought out the brightest and best talent from among the various manufacturer’s service engineers and offered them opportunities in our expanding international network of service providers. Once these individuals were brought on board, they were given extensive training on all manufacturer equipment and in our approach to customer service. Our philosophy: We represent the customer, not the manufacturer. This approach has given us the very enviable position of being able to boast of superior customer satisfaction.

CPT has integrated its extensive power conditioning expertise with its electrical distribution and design expertise to offer its customers a complete power quality service that responds to customer needs and requirements with cost effective solutions. UPS service is our mainstay and the primary service which we offer, but by default from our many years of experience, we have become power quality management experts with the ability to offer comprehensive consultation on all power related issues. The uniqueness of our approach as compared to other organizations and equipment manufacturers is that we have the capability and are committed to solving the customer’s power problems from the power’s point of entry into their facility to the end point where the power is utilized.


Another facet of the CPT difference is that we are vendor-neutral when it comes to new equipment purchases. We have found over the years that one-manufacturer-fits-all strategies do not benefit the customer. We provide the best fit for a customer’s specific application. This has allowed us to be competitive in pricing for most manufacturers, and more importantly, allowed us to give an honest assessment of the best solution.

Also, our understanding of end user requirements has positioned us so that we can offer a diversified array of Maintenance Agreements, all of which reduces ON-SITE response times. All locations in Southern California are responded to in less than four (4) hours.

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