Power Protection

Common Types of Power Protection

Surge Protection

Surge suppression protects against small surges that cause damage over time, shortening equipment life. Your equipment is also protected from catastrophic surges created by lightening. Most products available also provide an add-on with data line protection for equipment’s “back-door”.

Line Conditioning

Line conditioners provide surge suppression plus automatic correction of sags and over voltages by boosting low voltage and stepping down high voltage to levels that are safe for your system. This helps prevent data loss and keeps your system up and running even through extended brownouts and over voltages.

Off-Line / Standby UPS

Off line or also known as standby UPS provide surge suppression with a low price solution to environments that have non-critical systems. Utility power is provided during normal operation. Utility voltage and frequency changes are not regulated by this type of UPS, and pass through to your equipment. When voltage or frequency changes become too severe, the UPS inverter converts DC battery power to AC power to run your system.

Line Interactive UPS

Line-interactive UPS provide surge suppression and automatic correction of sags and over voltages at a mid-range price for systems that are fairly critical. This design offers voltage regulation by boosting the low voltage and stepping down high voltage levels that are safe for your system without having to use the battery like off-line or standby UPS. This can increase the life of the battery and provide more run time if the power can be conditioned without using the battery.

Online UPS

On-line UPS provide surge suppression, automatic correction of sags and over voltages, no-break power and many other features for systems that are very critical. This design protects against all types of power problems by continuous use of the inverter to create 100% new, clean, regulated AC power for your systems. Batteries are used only when power rises or falls outside its window of regulation. This technology increases the battery life span and provides battery reserve for when it’s really needed.

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