Mitsubishi 2033 Series UPS Service Status

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Mitsubishi 2033 Series UPS Service Status

Computer Protection Technology, Inc (CPT) would like to provide advanced notice that Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc. (MEPPI) will be conducting a traditional and e-mail campaign directly to their installed base of 2033A, 2033C & 2033D Series UPS users for the purpose of informing you that your system is currently out of production and is nearing its end of life support.  The notifications will commence after the start of the new year.  They will provide more details to us at a later date.

We at CPT would like to emphasize that we can continue to support your 2033A/C/D Series UPS system for the foreseeable future, and do not anticipate any impediment to our response to providing emergency and remedial support.  If at some point in the future we determine that our ability to support the 2033A/C/D Series UPS is diminished due to the lack of parts available through our nationwide network of suppliers, we will inform you – but that time has not arrived.

If you are concerned about the age and long-term future of your 2033A/C/D Series UPS system and are interested in a new replacement of your system, please feel free to contact us directly and we would be happy to review your system and determine if a replacement system is warranted.  If so, we can provide budgetary pricing to help with future planning.

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