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March 27, 2020 Uncategorized 1 Comment


During this time of global pandemic, the true heroes are proving to be the essential workers that must still show up to their jobs every day, putting themselves at risk of exposure for the greater good of the community.  At the forefront are the medial staff, grocery workers and law enforcement.  Today we would also like to recognize our employees at CPT who are doing their part to keep our essential customers up and running during this time of crisis.  Our technicians are working in the field daily to provide critical power support for many crucial participants in this fight against the corona virus.

One exceptional measure has been our Service Department and technicians stepping up at a moment’s notice to assist with UPS startups for Roche.  Roche is one of the leaders in the testing for the corona virus.  These startups are providing lab technicians with much needed battery backup so there is no interruption to their very important work.  We are proud of our CPT technicians as they to do our part to support our local community in the fight against this invisible enemy.

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  • Mike Murphy

    March 27, 2020at4:14 pm - Reply

    Very proud of ALL of our Employee Owners during this time. ALL have stepped up during this time!

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